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Matthew Mason

Why book a Professional 


What is the difference between a photographer and a professional photographer.


Anyone can take a good photo you don’t even need a camera just a smart phone, but when it comes heiring someone always get a professional photographer not just a photographer, 


A professional will always make you feel comfortable, this is our job it’s what we do everyday we take photos for a living.


We have the knowledge to think on our feet so we get the shoots right regardless of lighting or what’s to work with, it’s our job to make you look good. Always.


We have a clear understanding of all our equipment and how to use it best for your shoots, we won’t wast your time as we have it set ready to go before your ready. 


In a nut shell It’s not about the equipment used and cost behind the amount of equipment, it’s who’s behind using it all that your paying for, it’s the years of experience that money can’t buy it’s this that sets us professionals apart from photographers.

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