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Photography Masterclass

What You Can Expect To Learn In this 5 Hour Masterclass. 

Learn the fundamentals of your camera helping you understand how to control your camera. Giving you confidence, freedom to find and develop your own style.


Whats Included in this Masterclass.

• Getting to know your camera equipment and how it all works

• Shutter speed, aperture and ISO controls

• Understanding Depth of Field 

• White Balance whats best
• 7 Tips to Composing

• Flash and when to use it

• SLR, DSLR & Mirrorless
• Full Frame or Crop Sensor
• Zoom vs Prime Lenses 

• Training your creative mind how to see these elements easily

• Constructive feedback & Image reviews


• A DSLR or Mirrorless camera, capable of manually adjusting shutter speed, aperture and ISO controls is a bonus.

• Interchangeable lenses – an added advantage but not essential.
• A tripod (Please advise if you don’t have one before workshop) 

Become familiar with your camera manual prior to the masterclass will help give you a head start but not essential.

(most manufacturers have online manuals you can download via the web if necessary) 


Based in Mount Isa, Please contact if out side of this area.


$599.00 p/person (additional people $399.00ea up to 3 Max)

Group bookings available on request. Contact Us for more information.

Photography Masterclass

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